Saturday, April 14, 2012

Food shopping old School

So my Blogging has been slack. All the usual excuses, had a busy Easter period with the business, moving the fence to subdivide the property, being pregnant, having nothing to blog, had to take out a restraining order on a streetfighting Glaswegian prostitute with underworld connections- you know the usual....And also , I will admit now- I am two timing. yes I am writing another blog- just a little weekly one on a parenting website to help people live better for less money, hopefully. I would guess that for most readers of this blog that my advice on the other is super basic stuff!
Gardening has been challenging....I think it looks worse than this today
So gardening has been umm challenging... due to dismantling half the yard and losing some to the subdivision but to my delight (and the rest of the family) we now have a proper farmers market in town so the lack of garden has been offset by the abundance of amazing local produce I can get like purple carrots, curly kale, goats cheese, heirloom tomatoes and the last of the best strawberries I have tasted.
Most of this food is so tasty in it's own right it doesn't need much preparation (hot smoked salmon on sourdough or haloumi and rocket anyone?) and you can talk to the farmers and producers themselves about how best to use it.
heirloom tomatoes, sourdough bread, hot smoked baby salmon etc etc !
 This is what shopping used to be and to be frank it is wonderful, we are trying new foods and everything is fresh and local so hardly a food mile to be attributed!
Every week I am buying a "treat" like local extra virgin olive oil, croissants, salmon rilletes or chevre...a woman like me could grow poor but happy at this market. It has replaced my normal vegetable shopping so we eat much more seasonally too!
The boys love the atmosphere and there are lots of young families queuing for strawberries and potatoes and milling about feeding babies, drinking coffee, sampling delights, shopping has become a pleasure rather than a chore!
So really anyone who likes fresh gorgeous food needs to come on down to Tasmania and eat this wonderful stuff!
Approving children!