Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spontaneous path building!

It has been a surprisingly productive day here at Apple Isle Cottages.
We have a big pile of bricks recently acquired from the next door cottage we have taken over and we were lamenting what to do with it when I looked at my very temporary path made of old fence palings (which has been there since January!) and decided that it was time to upgrade to something more permanent and decided to muck together a brick path using the great bricks we have in our pile which have "jorny & campbell Launceston" stamped i
n the top. In typical Dull roar philosophy style I used some of our existing large gravel pile as a base and an hours work later she was done..and I even found a few treasures..( ok one treasure- a teacup with no handle and not very old)..the path is a wee bit higgledy piggledy but Apple Isle Cottages is pretty higgledy piggledy itself, being built in reclaimed swamp 113 years ago.
So a new free path which my three year old hopefully won't fall over in such a spectacular slapstick fashion (although it was amusing the first couple of times, I won't lie to you!).
I have managed to fit in one 15 minute session of tidying, got the dishes done, tidied the boys room and put away the washing in that time!
What a beautiful day it is here today, I wouldn't live anywhere else in the world for quids!

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