Friday, February 5, 2010

Blackberries and Thunder

Funny hot weather here these days and a lurking sort of menace to the air. We had some much needed rain last night but the clouds and mugginess remains.
I harvested some zucchinis (courgettes... easier to spell for me!) today- some lovely stripy open pollinated ones from The Lost Seed. I am amazed, as many before me have been, at the courgettes capacity to turn positively marrowlike as soon as my back is turned. I am delighted to be facing the age old problems of gardeners all over Australia- "What am I going to do with all these ?"
The tomatoes are rambling all over the place as my dull roar tomato stakes weren't up for the job and so they have feralised throughout the garden. Lovely sweet little tomatoes hidden amongst the plants bursting in my mouth when I potter around.
I am occasionally munching on some brown beauty beans.
Sir Talk A Lot has an amazing ability to eat Blackberries which we are taming over a remaining bit of back fence. There are so many that I pick about 300g a day and there are still plenty for the birds. The brambles seem to like being pruned. The boys love blackberries which can be very messy and a bit scary if they try to get round to the brambles without adult supervision. Although I freely admit the boys are prodigies who are amazingly capable I still don't think a 16 month old and 3 year old should be near so much spikiness (sp!). I let Sir Talk A Lot have as many as he wants on the weekends and squirrel them away for freezing and baking during the week. He can get quite emotional when I tell him he needs to stop eating blackberries- I am fearful of him getting what my mother in law calls euphemistically "a tummy ache". Courgette and blackberry muffins have been in the lunch boxes this week.


  1. Came across your blog, keep it up and I hope the heat is calming down, we've heard about your very very hot weather, just like you might have heard about our very cold weather - good luck with what you do

  2. Hey I like your blog too! Nothing like a spot of mutual admiration and encouragement!