Sunday, February 14, 2010


I am amazed when you Google about jam making (or even read in a Book!) the amount of complicated shenanigans that seem to be need a canner (!) you need special jars, you need a water bath, you need shop bought is enough to put lazy folk like me off jam making for life.
I picked some more blackberries today (normally 250g every day or so) and made jam. (Please note I totally cocked it up when I decided to measure the capacity of my jars by measuring out cups of water- in the cup I had squeezed my lemon juice into so I threw a half a lemon in to the mix when it was cooking to add some more pectin.. worked a treat!)
The recipe I got from I have tweaked it to be even more Dull Roar Philosophy

Je vous présente

The Dull Roar Jam Making Method
Collect any jars you have from vacuum sealed foods such as jams, pasta sauces etc, wash and store for another day..
Another day pull them out (two will do) and pop them in baby bottle steam steriliser in the usual fashion- set to go.
Bung 500g fruit and 2 cups sugar with 1/4 cup lemon juice in a large microwave proof bowl.
Set to go for 5 mins on high.
Stir when it beeps.
Set to go for 20 mins on high opening the door and looking at it fiercely occasionally to ensure it doesn't boil over in the microwave 'cos that is some sticky sticky mess. Also stir sometimes when you are looking at it fiercely.
I forgot to tell you to put a saucer in the freezer.. do that now.
test a bit of jam on the saucer to see if it will set- it normally sets much better than it does on the saucer.
let jam sit for 5 mins (or not- I don't, I am waaaay to impatient for that!)
Pour into the hot sterilised jars from baby bottle steriliser and slap the lids on, the vacuum seal button will pop itself down and seal it. Jars and jam need to be hot for this to work.
Makes about two cups/ two jars of very nice jam very easily.

I don't know if the jar lids wear out or how long they would keep, mine are in the fridge anyway and two pots of jam don't tend to last around here as the boys love it on bread with tahini.
There you go- no mystery- not much mess and no special equipment- takes me half an hour from go to whoa (a bit longer if I have to pick 500g blackberries first...!)
Go, and have fun and be no longer intimidated by condiments and spreads!


  1. I had to think for a minute, where is it Autumn just as we approach spring - oh I know - the other side of the world! I don't have any fancy stuff and I manage to make jam just fine, probably just like you do.

  2. Yes it can be hard turning your head all sideways for the seasons- I feel bad writing about all the harvesting and warmth here when I know your part of the world is suffering such terrible cold!