Friday, April 2, 2010

Re-purposing Running Riot...

I have been having fun finding "non traditional" objects to grow plants in. 
I found a perfectly good galvanised bucket on the side of the road- well, it wasn't so good as a bucket because it had holes punched in the bottom but it started me on a rampage of repurposing. It has basil growing well now and was quickly joined by  an olive oil tin with mint and an old mixing bowl which had a crack in the glaze which has had some drainage holes drilled and is supposed to be growing chillies but seems to have silverbeet instead(!?).
Having our regular "lunch out" we spotted some giant olive tins behind a patisserie so lovely husband popped his head into the kitchen window and asked if we could have them- they are now either side of the door with pansies and marigolds growing in them.  
I have also planted a lemon tree in the drum from an old tumble dryer- I think it is a lovely thing, all stainless steel and shiny and even had holes at the bottom already. I have already turned a couple of wide tyres inside out and made successful little gardens in them. 
I can't wait to find some more things to repurpose- at the moment nothing is safe as long as I can figure out how to get reasonable drainage there could be a plant in almost anything! Special mention must go to my long suffering husband who is very supportive of my mad ideas and pulls apart tumble dryers, drills very difficult holes in bowls and asks for tins for me!



  1. Wow! love love love the olive oil drums! Our village is having a "most unusual container to grow vegetables in" competition this year so thanks for all the great ideas...


  2. stunning use of containers, I love to see things reused and hate waste - keep up the blog! i really enjoy reading it xx

  3. Hey there! thanks for the encouragement- sometimes I wonder if I am just a little bit mad but I am glad you appreciate it- I hate waste with a passion! I may end up as a crazy old lady with a shed full of "good stuff" that everyone else thinks is rubbish...on the other hand most everything around here gets used fairly sharpish as a container for growing, papaer goes in the cat box or compost or to start the fire in winter, I was trying to grow seedlings in cardboard egg cartons but they never thrived (probably because of neglect actually) so they get given back to the fruit shop to be refilled with eggs along with the plastic bags I end up with after grocery shopping (guess who always forgets to bring her reuseable bags along) but at least everything is being used again...
    I hope to read of some other great repurposing ideas too!