Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Praise of the thermomix.

Copyright Vorwerk.
Some would probably say that the Thermomix is too expensive. They might be right, I suppose it would depend on how much you use and what for. Some people don't use their bread makers either and if that is the case a $150 bread maker is too expensive as well, I personally have used my bread maker every week for two years now and the Thermomix is getting a workout too. So far this week: Peanut butter (wonderful and simple), beetroot dip, soup, biscuits (with freshly ground oat flour and almond meal), mayonnaise, coleslaw, vege burgers, muesli.
I am able to use whole foods as it cuts them so finely that skin etc isn't an issue and best of all my four year old eats anything made in the Thermomix, I mean anything including red cabbage coleslaw and beetroot dip (he doesn't care for coleslaw normally). I have not yet begun to find out all it can do yet!

Better get back to the kitchen!

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