Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: e-Book Kris Emery- Freelance Your Heart Out

I thought that this would be a good e-book to review for people who read my blog as it is aimed at entrepeneurial types, those who like to save money, make do and I think a few readers are aspirational writers/freelancers as I am myself . Well, let's be frank about me- I am a bit a of a dreamer who hasn't made a real go at it...yet. Kris Emery has though and she is freelancing through transcribing editing and writing which make use of her existing skills and qualifications. Although my writing dreams have not yet been realised I have started my own business and after 4 years am still running it so I know a little of the hard work involved in being your own boss!

Many how to books don't tell you how to, they more give you vague and nebulous ideas about how to. Kris Emery pulls no punches and lets the reader know how she does what she does through 25 lessons she has learned about freelancing. Some of the lessons have been learned the hard way and Kris tells us where she went wrong so we aren't doomed to repeat them! There are some great specific tips and pointers that would be really useful for those wanting to work as a freelancer as well.

I think we all tend to romanticise working for ourselves, but in truth it's hard work and it can be harder than you imagine. Kris Emery delivers a cold hard dose of conversational reality packaged in an easy to read e-format. If you are thinking of striking it out on your own do read this e-book and take on board the advice Kris has- if you don't like the advice it is worth considering if freelancing is right for you right now.
I found this a valuable book packed with great advice (especially lesson #25)

Kris Emery Freelance Your Heart Out can be found at and you can follow her on Twitter @kxecomms.

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