Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Bum Wiping Cake and Other Tales

A mentioned in my last post our four year old is a character. He came running to me full sob- tears plopping off his red face- yesterday because the cat had eaten his salmon sandwich whilst he had left the sandwich to see what the noise was- he thought it was Zombies. Lesson learned, take your sandwich with you when you check for Zombies.
I found out the other day he has been calling one of the carers at day care fat so I apologised on his behalf and found he has also been congratulating her for wearing her not insubstantial breasts "Oh good, you're wearing your boobies today!".
I have also mentioned that one of his current little quirks was a failure to attend to his hygiene as he should. Yes I am talking bum wiping. He didn't. I think it may have started because his arms were too short to reach but then it started getting stupid. No details (I don't want to be a poo blogger...)but needless to say something had to be done so I asked him what to do. His answer was swift and decisive. He wanted a cake. Actually it's his standard answer for most things and not always appropriate but I saw a chance for some blatant food bribery here  a reward system for appropriate behaviour. Anyone who thinks that food shouldn't be used as a reward doesn't live with my family but is welcome to take over proceedings to show me a better way, they can also clean my house whilst they perfectly parent the children. Anyway, enough of my defensive rant, back to the cake. It was decided that yea verily, every day he wiped his backside would be recorded by putting a chick pea in a baby food jar and once there were ten he could have a cake. It took two and a half weeks but we are there! He was so excited to make a marble cake with me using the Thermomix he was shaking with excitement like a little Chihuahua (I did mention he really likes cake right) It looks a bit odd, I can't ever seem to get the marbling right.

 So feast your eyes on the Great Bum Wiping Cake and some Iced tea in an old seventies Tang bottle  a vintage jug and I will try to forget the name whilst I eat it!

P.S. I couldn't hack the dairy free thing, I also got hideous Gastroenteritis three days in and the baby wasn't any less or more windy either way so I thought "sod this" and ate some cheese.


  1. LOL! You have a way with words :-)

  2. I'm forever wondering if that noise was Zombies. Love shooting them too, but sadly so far only on Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare. But when the Zombie Apocalypse comes, I'll be ready. And I will definitely take my sandwiches with me.

  3. @Lisa thanks!:)
    @Alison- take my youngest son with you won't you?