Friday, May 31, 2013

Leon cookbooks and how I love them #1 Leon Ingredients and Recipes

Look at this. Isn't it lovely ?
I think ( I know) I would have these books just because of the extreme Vintage Style gorgeousness of them . But they are not just gorgeous. oh no. These are some of the friendliest, helpfulest (not a word), healthiest, tastiest cookbooks I have ever snuggled. I mean read. Of course, who would cuddle a book? Pfft.

We don't have Leon in Australia but for those of us who have no idea what a Leon is it is a chain of fast food/cafe/ restaurants which feel like the gorgeous bohemian place the uni students and hipster foodies hang out. One with tasty food made from real seasonal produce and healthy ingredients, where the emphasis is on flavour. Also the spiritual birthplace of these books. There are more but I only bought the ones I wanted (funny that) and the ones I couldn't resist the covers of.

There will have to be two more posts to cover the other two books

Leon:Ingredients and Recipes is written by Allegra McEvedy whose recipes have been seen flitting about the pages of the Guardian and I first encountered when I was watching Supersizers Go with Sue Perkins and (the a bit dishy if slightly wet) Giles Coren. Allegra was the guest chef in one of the episodes.Also Giles Coren (writing for the Times this er..time) said of the book :“Without doubt, the coolest food book I have ever seen.” So there.
The book itself contains a wealth of information about seasonal tasty ingredients, with the first half breaking down into appropriate sections (vegetables, nuts etc) and the rest being devoted to recipes with which to utilise said ingredients which is handy really. I Love the styling but the content is great. I would put this at the top of most useful cookbook list for anyone starting out or those who ( like me have a teeny weeny cookbook collecting problem). Absolute Kitchen essential (in a chopping board sort of way, not a Thermomix/very handy if you can afford it but not really necessary sort of way).

In case you are wondering I bought my Leon books, all three. This is just a rant of adoration with no perceived or actual benefit other the satisfaction of good purchasing and now owning lovely books.

I bought mine from The Book Depository.


  1. These look like fabulous cook books, and oui oui, I am swooning over the vintage covers. I don't cook, but it is enough to tempt me to don an apron ;)

  2. Oh they look fabulous so that is reason enough, if I didn't cook I would have them and display them!