Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This is One Of Those Posts About Writing and Why I Can't.

This is a post about why I can't blog right now:

My desktop is creatively stifling

I share a computer with my husband and business.

Children keep finding me and shouting demands.

I can't figure out how to do everything from my phone.

I bit my tongue so hard that I haven't been able to eat solids.

I keep having existential crises about pointless things like rollerskating.

Other people are more successful than me ( yes I am perfectly aware they set goals and work hard,so what?).

I will write after I clean the house and dye my hair and all those other things I am refusing to actually do OK? Sheesh get off my back.

I am hungry, or I have a headache or something.

Writing is hard work.

I have no clear direction yet.

I am going to buy a netbook so once that gets here I will write all the things.

All I have to do is get over the massive case of writers block.


  1. I can really relate to the having to share the computer thing! It totally sucks! Also relate to others being more successful. Sigh. The writer's block will pass, I'm sure. xo

  2. Ah thank you Ness, it's funny isn't it, I swing wildly between being protective about my blog (it's MINE I can do what I want) and wanting to take it and my writing further and then being worried about pleasing readers. I am sure all bloggers have the same thoughts you know!