Thursday, December 16, 2010

ARRGH! eggs....

I woke from a lovely dream about harvesting carrots and redesigning the vegie garden to find my two year old had been busy. He was standing in the middle of the kitchen falling over and screaming in the mess he had just created 13 eggs and a litre of milk ALL over the floor. Dry weet-bix crumbled onto the table and more milk on them I have never seen so much chaos. For future reference it is extremely difficult to clean up that much egg especially before coffee. Master Two can climb, move chairs and undo any latch now and he is out of control with big brother happy to watch but not let us know what is happening as he think he can avoid blame that way (he has another think coming!). I know it is "the age" and that "boys will be boys" but I find it hard to believe that other people's children behave like this too? Is there really this much chaos and stress in other households with small boys residing within? If so why do we have children- I am beginning to think I should have had more hens and perhaps a small pig instead... does anyone want to swap?
What makes it harder is they are so cute and it is difficult to stay mad with them but I have no idea how to alter this behaviour... is Super Nanny at a loose end now?


  1. Rather ya than me cleaning up that mess. Advice : ya gotta have eye's in the back of your head and ears that can hear a pin drop.Lol

    Talk to the elder one and also hold him responsible for what his brother gets up too, for not telling. He might just want to be a little extra special and know that you trust him to come tell you stuff. but not tell fibs to get the younger one into trouble. Good Luck

  2. Hard hard work being a mum.

    I was a nanny for years and it was easy. I was paid to care for the children and that is all I did.

    But as a mum I have to go to work, clean, cook and do everything else and adult with limited funds has to do.

  3. I think there is "secret code" of mothers where we don't let each other know that although it is of course unsurpassedly rewarding, parenthood is messier, more difficult, louder and more frustrating than we all let on! I am pleased that my boys are capable an curious and clever but must they also be so chaotic?
    I am hoping that our older boy is the key as Master Two just adores him *sigh* I do know it is the age of chaos though.... I need a holiday... well not a holiday- (more stress!) but a cook, cleaner and nanny for two weeks!