Wednesday, January 26, 2011

After a Pause...

I must drop in and read everyone's blogs! The Silly season is over for us- we discovered that we have expanded our business a bit too quickly for the just the two of us- next Christmas we must employ some help...I think I had a couple of nervous breakdowns (but they are not called that anymore for some reason- I think it is an apt name) and am seeing a very helpful registered psychologist every so often who is giving me great practical ideas to help with our monstrous and clever beautiful kidlets who are sweeter and more amazing every day if still far from angelic!
the garden is going great guns- first courgette and cherry tomato today, blackberries fruiting (made microwave jam yesterday), carrots are popping up and the pumpkin and corn that the chickens planted are fruiting too!
As I type I can smell a gentle smell of rosemary wafting from me as I have been tramping all over the garden moving the chickens into a temporary enclosure in the overgrown garden bed.. I must have leapt through a rosemary bush at some stage!
Will pop back with brag pictures soon once I have caught up with everything...

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