Friday, June 22, 2012

Winter Solstice and Baking

Just past the Solstice we sit in the depths of Winter, today was subzero overnight and sparkly with sunshine during the day. What does one do in the cold? Well this one bakes.

 Today I have brought forth an unreasonable offering of biscotti, pumpkin pie(from a mish mash of recipes I have read ) bread from the famous 5 minutes a day recipes( I like this friendly  post about it from the Italian Dish) and sticky apple and gingerbread loaf but I didn't have any crystallized ginger and I left out the pecans (because nuts are in league with Satan these days and can't go to school).I have given up on sourdough again.. it is not very "dull roar" and needs a lot of care, I like the ease of mixing the dough in a lidded bucket and keeping in the fridge for when I need it a la the 5 minutes a day recipes. It makes fantastic Pizza dough too so is a Godsend and is actually easier a lot of the time than using online pizza ordering websites (why do I find it so hard?)! All this baking today has kept me busy, especially with two small boys "helping" me enthusiastically. 
I mustn't complain though, I am keeping them busy whilst my dearly beloved juggles moving cars from service shop to service shop, dismantles two for parts, rebuilds another and paints the outside of a house (whilst the sun shines briefly on these short Winter days) and he just realised he needs to cut more firewood...oh dear I wish I could help him more but the limitations of my growing belly are rather apparent. I am attempting to stay fit and strong doing Yoga, both at Pregnancy yoga classes, from DVD's and home practice and I am enjoying the benefits. I was going to try to tell you I am not having cravings but I just ate a whole bunch of radishes as I typed this so that would appear to be a great walloping lie!
I hope my nesting kicks in soon... the house could really do with a clean!


  1. Hi Thrifty Mama! Stumbled across this via The Bub Hub. This is the first photo I've seen of your kids! They are gorgeous boys :) Gotta love those rosy cheeks ^_^

  2. Ah Serene I just saw this comment, oh my boys and their cuteness... don't let the cheeks fool you- they are both Hell Bent on World Domination!