Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So Many Reasons to Smile

I have been a bit of a whinger of late. I have felt very sorry for myself but really I haven't got the right. (No- no gratuitous mummy guilt- bear with me!) So I am joining in with Kate Says Stuff with Thankful Thursday.
Thankful Thursday
 Obviously anyone reading this has a lot to smile about compared to some of the (much smilier!) people in third world countries. what with having Internet access and all which assumes you also have shelter, can read and have access to clean water and easily accessible food. But really I have much more to smile about than my basic needs being met.
Today it is sunny which is beautiful and I intend to toddle about gratuitously in said sunshine shortly. Yesterday it was dismal and raining and I spent the afternoon wracked with pain in the hospital not having a baby, she was in the wrong position apparently but the good news is she is strong and hale and hearty and not in any distress and I am healthy too. I have beautiful funny, clever healthy strong children (who have started behaving like lemurs- did you know lemurs are VERY noisy?) that ask for vegetable and love reading books and doing physical activity (they also like having baths however I am less sold on them bathing when I see the state of the bathroom afterwards!). My husband is my best friend and is just wonderful- I get to spend each and every day with him as we run a business together. I can blog when I want in the quiet times.
Our CD player started working again so I can listen to all my old Cd's and dance which helps position baby and makes me feel good (Woo!)!
Here is a daffodil the boys planted:

All in all a lovely Spring is nearly upon us and we are about to welcome another strong beautiful child to the family. We are all healthy and well and resilient enough to take what life throws at us. There's a lot to smile about!