Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spring and Activity

So Spring has sprung and the GORGEOUS weather won't stop being all sunshiney and even though I am massively pregnant and cranky and shouty I have made a commitment to do something for myself and get moving as inspired by Kate (again!) at Kate Says Stuff.
I have committed 360 minutes of exercise in September (hey I am being realistic, still pregnant here and when new baby comes I don't see my energy levels being that great either!) and have already had a big walk today of 60 minutes (I actually only meant to do 30 minutes but the car I walked in to pickup wasn't ready!) so just 300 to go...
I wonder if anyone else has been bitten by the Beautiful Spring bug- it doesn't make me want to clean but it does make me want to plant tomatoes even though there will be more frosts so I must wait until October...


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