Sunday, September 16, 2012

And Then This Happened...

So I notice I haven't blogged in two weeks, frankly my insomnia and hormones were working against me so I had no inspiration or motivation to blog.
Then this happened:

She's finally here! Anissa was born 40 weeks +4 days and 6lb 8oz I am glad she stayed in for a bit longer as she is a small baby.
Astonishingly everything went according to plan, we were due to go to a spontaneous party at 2pm last Sunday at the house of our friends who kindly offered to look after the rest of the brood during delivery. Of course I woke with contractions so the boys were dropped off 5 hours early and by 2pm Anissa had enjoyed nearly two hours earth-side. It was a two hour labour with no medical intervention and all went according to my birth "plan" with her being born into water. I only stayed the night because I thought I would get rest but the hospital is so rabid about successful breastfeeding you are supposed to log every feed with the midwives so they can check the quality of attachment and give the feed a score using a rating system. Really. Then call them again when the feed is finished to log the duration. I found this stressful.
So home I went and she sleeps in a "My little bed" co-sleeper and likes to be carried (with and without a sling) but only wakes for one dead of the night feed. The other feeds are at our bedtime and our wake time!
We are all smitten.
Welcome baby!

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