Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why Christmas in July?

It doesn't sound very thrifty or very "Dull Roar Philosophy" to suddenly add another Christmas to the calender, I mean Christmas is expensive and takes a lot of effort right? Isn't it just a commercially driven holiday? It can be, that's for sure but it is also a lovely time to come together as a family and our little men are impressed by very simple things so Christmas doesn't have to be over the top to be appreciated. A conscious effort has been made on our part to not spoil them so they still enjoy the wonder of the little things in life- not always successful as they have very gourmet tastes (hot smoked salmon and aged organic cheddar anyone?) but it does make celebrations easy to pull together.

So a creatively acquired little Christmas tree (it was growing in a ditch on the roadside) quickly decorated, Christmas crackers bought in March for $4, some fresh market vegetables scrubbed and roasted, mini Yorkshire puddings, a roaring fire and a couple of cheap toys (magnetic sketch pad and a tea set for teddy bears) and a very jolly night was had by all.
Christmas is not only the busiest time of year for our business (and I mean BUSY!) and Christmas is generally hot and dry here in Australia- hardly conducive to celebrating a Classic Christmas!
Christmas in July was a resounding success and much easier than a December Christmas (hardly any commercial pressure either) so it is going to be a family tradition from now on!

The crackers were interesting. they were "premium" which apparently means the paper is upgraded to cardboard which doesn't tear (not so great with small children with tiny hands people!!!) and the novelties were an odd bunch...notably a bulldog clip and a pencil sharpener (useful and much loved by strange son #1) and this thing:

I don't know either. If you can tell me what it is I will post it to you!

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