Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Simple things to enjoy.

A bank manager just left discussing new plans- labouring the relationship metaphor of the previous posts we are onto a rebound purchase which if things happen will make a lot of our dreams come true. Simple ones and complicated ones. But if it happens I will babble about it all the time and you will get sick of it. 
We had an adventure the other day, I made pattycakes (not cupcakes- elaborate swirls of buttercream end in tears here!) and popcorn and cheese straws, packed some carrots and we had a mini picnic by a river. The sun was shining, the roses were blooming, there were ducks- there was a platypus for Heaven's sake. we rambled along the river after a frenzied attack of eating (or having a picnic as the boys call it) and watched canoeing. It was simple and it was good. I find that living in Tasmania offers such a huge range of opportunities for incredibly simple but incredibly rich experiences. Like a platypus in the river in the middle of town, rambling echidnas, gorgeous views and amazing produce. I know I should be cooking intricate dishes with tiny bits and pieces with the produce but strawberries, cherries, carrots tomatoes all get eaten in their natural state, hot smoked salmon or cheeses are lucky to be given a bit of bread before they are eaten! 
By the way that reminds me- I used to think rice paper rolls were expensive but the other night I made some, all julienne vegetables, prawns, noodles whilst trying to stop the baby crying, avoiding the cat and listening to Peppa Pig, managed to make about 8 of them (not enough for dinner) only to be told by the boys they didn't like them and made them a pot of spaghetti instead. Whoever can knock those things out quickly and elegantly deserves the money. 

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