Saturday, February 9, 2013

What Sundays are For

Some people have Sundays as a day of worship, others a day of rest, for us it's a day of recovery and reflection. Also gratitude.

We aren't religious but it doesn't mean a lack of reverence or gratitude in our lives. If we can't find another (exhausting!) activity on a Sunday we head out of town and eat Gelato on the village green in Westbury.

 It is amazing restorative being under giant trees in the cool shade, sitting on the grass and admiring the view. My eyes recover from screen time and whilst ever patient Husband and father eats Gelato with the boys, baby kicks on a blanket and coos at the trees. 

I take this opportunity to kick my shoes off and walk barefoot across the green to the Whitehouse bakery to see what they have made today from local produce and baked in the 100 year old bread oven.

 It is beautiful and calm in the bakery and the people who serve are amazingly soothing. It's like a mini retreat, with cake!

The boys (all sugared up) attack the play equipment with vigor and today we all went to explore the grounds of the church opposite the park.

A bonus is that the drive to Westbury is absolutely picture perfectly gorgeous. It is a good recharge and a good day for all of us.

 Do you have a spot for reflecting, restoring and recharging your family?

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