Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Defending the Middle Classes

I am standing up for the Middleclass today.

The middle classes are sneered at, patronised and ignored but I am here to sing the praises of those who see fit to grow their own food, shop local, make things by hand, feed their children organic foods, read to them, have reusable water bottles and drink good Fairtrade coffee. 

Those who up-cycle and re-cycle and Free-cycle. those who set up schemes and playgroups and community gardens for the less fortunate, who fun run and shave heads for charity. Those who stand up for breast-feeder and against the mummy wars, those who won't tolerate racism, misogyny or homophobia.  Sure there is often a lot of money spent and misdirected energy (on cupcakes and bunting.. maybe?) but good on those who have the time and money to spend being vocal and eco-friendly. 

I see the rich get away with a lot and the other end of the scale excused from consequences due to real or imagined barriers, but from what I can see it's those being dismissed as mummy bloggers and tossers who are making the real grassroots changes. 
They are the ones who drive the economy and the ones who care, they are the ones being vocal.

You keep doing your loca-vore organic up-cycled Fairtrade  thing people. 

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