Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When Your Guru Wears a Blue Bear Suit.

So, my children are obsessed with Pokemon at the moment which seems to be an excuse to be rather violent towards one another, indoors on a rainy day (yes it's a horse race public holiday) and in an effort to stop this I bribed with a homemade icypole suggested that they might like to do a Yoga Bear DVD to help calm them.
Naturally the promise of any kind of food inner peace once they had completed the DVD compelled them to roll out the Yoga mats.

Here they are preparing to be walked through a slightly psychadelic yoga routine by an accomplished Yoga instructor who is wearing a fluffy blue bear suit (be warned the SITE IS BRIGHT). Yes Sir Chatsalot appears to be wearing a blue tie-dyed stocking on his head, no I don't know why, but it seems on theme.

Seconds after this picture was taken I heard wails from the living room
 "Mummy he kicked me!"
 "Yeah but they was only because he WASN'T DOING YOGA PROPERLY!!!!"
"Now precious pets, that's not really in the spirit of yoga is it?Now sit back down and breathe deep, or no icypoles".

45 blissful minutes without fighting or screaming later we hear "It's finished! Now we can have an icypole" from Sir Chatsalot to which his ever surprising 4 year old brother replies, "No, now I want a new car."

Yoga, upping the stakes AND bringing you peace.

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