Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter turns My thoughts to the Zombie Apocalypse

Ah Easter. It's all about Jesus. 

Which raises some questions from the minds of my children.

"If Friday is the day Jesus died why is it GOOD Friday?"


"What does a guy dressed up as a rabbit who breaks into your house and leaves you chocolate have to do with Jesus?"

"If he was dead and came back to life isn't Jesus a Zombie??"

"Why can't I eat the boiled egg I painted at daycare?"

And so forth.
I imagine houses everywhere are full of such questions and they are hopefully as inadequately answered as they are at my house. 

There was also some confusion when my partially deaf husband tried to lip read my frantic whispers when I was standing backlit by a window.
Me"What about the egg hunt?"
Me: "The egg hunt!!"
Him"Who is? What's happened?"
Me: "The easter eggs! When do we hide them?"
Him: "Oh EGG HUNT! I though you said Old c..."
Me: "Oh dear no, not this time".

We didn't have hot cross buns, instead inventing rabbit shaped donuts with chocolate filling. Because there wasn't enough chocolate around.*

 I don't like strings of non trading days together, we all behave strangely because OH GOD THE SHOPS WILL BE CLOSED. I try not to panic. And then I run out of flour. Bugger.This got me thinking about the Zombie apocalypse (or in fact any disaster as they aren't thin on the ground lately) and I have half-heartedly started an emergency box. Mostly comprised of things I have found that are long lasting because I would only eat them in an emergency. tinned soup, powdered milk, bottled water. I am wondering if I should research what's the best thing to have or is that starting down a dark path of paranoia and before you know it I am out the back excavating for a new bunker and running survival drills. But then again living in a flood zone I do think I should have some awareness...

Do you have an emergency survival stash or do you think it is unnecessarily paranoid?

* this is a lie.


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  2. Not really. Every now and then I buy some extra water and a couple of cans of beans in a half arsed attempt to prepare for oncoming catastrophies. I do carry a whistle around with me, cos I used to use it at work and I keep my keys on the lanyard it's on now.

    Mainly, my plan for the apocalypse is to loot and steal from other people. And I wish it would hurry up, so I can meet Daryl ;)

  3. I may have said a few choice words to people who were panic buying on Thursday while I was trying to do my normal grocery shop. People are dickheads around here. It starts to spit and people are buying out the shops...

  4. Alison, you know I am endlessly curious when you delete one of your comments, it quite overshadows the one you left!
    Tegan-I wonder if anyone really runs out of food on Good Friday? Surely they can bang something together!