Friday, July 19, 2013

Dull Roar Breakfasting

I am a terrible breakfaster.
I just somehow don't breakfast. I am not one who feels sick in the mornings or any plausible sounding excuse. I do get swept away in the chaos of the day two children to get ready for school, breastfeed the baby, get everyone else breakfast, manage to make a couple of cappucinos for myself and long suffering Husband etc and before I know it it is lunch time and the blood sugar is plummeting. 

Not good, not slimming either. It seems to have something to do with keeping your metabolism cranked up and not letting your blood sugar get so low you are inhaling pumpkin gingerbread by 11.50am. (by the way I LOVE pumpkin gingerbread. I am also aware that it probably negates the redeeming features of having healthful, ingredients if I eat eight slices in a sitting, which I have done- did I mention I liked it?).

So I know that eating breakfast has a multitude of benefits but only if you keep that blood sugar steady (so no sugar coated flakes with milk). I also know if something isn't mindblowingly quick and easy I will simply not do it because I can be rather lazy. Doing My Blackmores program has been a little bit of a challenge but it does tend to fit in with lifestyles of the rushed and lazy fairly well so inspired by the meal plans I have a couple of faithful breakfasts I am actually managing to make and eat for more than two weeks now!
Busy parent breakfasts:
Eggs and Spinach on toast:
Take a small handful of frozen spinach, pop it in the microwave on a saucer, microwave for 30 secs, crack and egg onto it (pierce yolk AND white with eggshell or a fork if you are all lah-di-dah about it) salt and pepper, cover with a side plate and microwave for another 45 seconds to a minute whilst a piece of toast (from the freezer). Serve the egg and spinach on the toast and on the side plate used for cooking. Easy, healthy, bugger all washing up.
Porridge: use proper rolled oats not those gluey quick oats, use boiling water from the kettle. If you are feeling really lazy eat from pot with a pinch of salt and soak pot all day. Or you could add frozen bluberries. Babies like this too.
Yoghurt and muesli with frozen berries: (oh c'mon you don't need me to describe it do you?- just watch the portion sizes- scales are good for this).
 I will get a bit more experimental with breaky- maybe mix it up with a smoothie or two or a muffin I made earlier but for now I am delighted that I have found breakfasts I am actually eating I don't want to complicate things too much. 

What about you, do you breakfast? What do you eat? How do you manage it?


  1. I am also a terrible breakfaster!
    Found you via The Blogfast Club!

  2. I'm not a breakfast eater either, haven't been all my life. Coffee does me just fine. I also don't eat a great deal during the day...often skip lunch..& make up for it at dinner. I love Bircher Muesli & could eat it for breakfast, lunch & dinner!!

  3. Hi Rhonda! Great stuff!
    Megan, I love muesli. I am glad you do too.Makes me look like less of a salad loving weirdo! Even though I am one.

  4. I can't stand breakfast. In my youth, I used to buy a can of coke and a Topic (chewy, nutty chocolate bar) and either eat it on the bus on the way to work, or at work sitting at my desk. At least these days I avoid that :D Regardless of all the edicts we receive, I just cannot change this about myself, so have given up trying. I have a skinny capuccino or cafe latte and call it good. So long as I eat some fruit around mid morning I seem to mostly do ok till lunch time. The problems usually set in around 9pm...

  5. I still can't shake the idea that coffee is breakfast if it is milky.Milk is a breakfast food!